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At least they appear relaxed as they sit around, waiting to film the "confessional" interviews that are reality-TV staples, and then get ready for another date.The pair seems to have an easy chemistry, but sits apart, perhaps saving more conversation for when the cameras are rolling.“Talk about embracing the entire look,” Lindsay quips to Battle, who's wearing the new cowboy hat he and Lindsay purchased (with ABC's money) on the date. Meanwhile, Lindsay's hat is left with a producer, who lets me try it on.Other producers admire the hat, reassure each other that the date went well and snack on cupcakes.Lindsay stands out in the group of makeup-free producers wearing sweats: She's movie-star glamorous with a fresh face and a striking, gap-toothed smile.A new survey commissioned by Christian and says that when out with a potential love interest, 69% of singles have absolutely no idea if they're on a date or just "hanging out," thus proving that God provides absolutely no clarity when it comes to the horribleness of dating.

As a single woman in my 20s, I was dating a particular type of man.Jack is the lucky contestant to land the day out with Rachel, but there is a lot of pressure riding on their date.As Rachel tells the cameras, they're a "perfect match on paper." They're both attorneys, around the same age and live in the same area — but do they have a connection? After an awkward date eating oysters and learning how to dance, Rachel ultimately decides that she's missing the romance and passion with Jack.Here's an exclusive preview of ' Bachelorette' star Rachel riding horses on a one-on-one date in Beverly Hills with Anthony. But for 27-year-old Anthony Battle, joining Lindsay for a one-on-one that involved riding horses and shopping on Rodeo Drive was, well, his first rodeo.That's not something you often see on Rodeo Drive! I was right there with him last March, when USA TODAY got an exclusive glimpse of what the June 5 episode of ABC’s For one, I learned that there’s a lot of sitting around.