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Fast-forward a few months, though, and it might feel like your partner can do no right. “He was a workaholic and couldn’t understand why I was not okay with him working 90 hours a week,” she says.When the honeymoon period ends, real life can rear its ugly head — and baggage starts coming out. “A lot of people thought we were crazy for going to therapy and that if we had to go to therapy after six months, our relationship was doomed.For a number of years now I have received requests for treatment from readers who live outside of the state of Colorado where I abide.When they ask if I would be able to work with them as a therapist via Skype however, my answer has had to be "No." It's illegal.Preparation is the key element to achieving your relationship goals.

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Free, private registration - to be eligible for personal matchmaking referrals throughout Los Angeles, The San Fernando Valley, Westlake Village, Ventura County, CA & Santa Fe, New Mexico. Every relationship has its own set of unique issues — and, at times, they can feel insurmountable. The line between being married and not have definitely blurred. Thought couples counseling was just for married people? According to an article in the , says, “It’s not surprising that more unmarried couples are trying couples counseling, because people often live together and date longer before getting married.The issue is not whether therapy over the phone would be effective.hen you fall in love, your partner can do no wrong. In fact, many couples go to counseling to find out if they should even get married.” Joanie, 28, went to counseling with her boyfriend of six months.