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Sign up Free Don’t feel like learning AIML or building your own chatbot? Our team of engineers and AIML experts can build a virtual agent according to your specifications, and can even help integrate avatar or speech capabilities. Our staff can also train your in-house team to build and maintain your chatbot applications.

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Branded with an ‘Ask’ feature, clients can ask questions and Olivia will provide the one right answer.

If clients have questions that are more personal in nature, Olivia will provide a suggestion for escalation via another channel. by My Cyber Twin since Sep 2011 until Jun 2014 in English, Web, Facebook, Branded conversations, Customer service, Facial expressions, Gestures, Proof of Concept, Sales, Text recognition, Video, Commercial Sarah was launched in 2011 to act as a concierge on the My Cyber Twin website.

We offer a variety of enterprise level tools to help streamline the bot building process.

An awarded chatbot, the e Gain VA is smart enough to know when to escalate to a human agent.

More than two-thirds of men recruited for a sexbot study say they would give sex robots try.

About two-thirds of women in the same study say they would not try a sex robot.

They hope their research can help create a future where robots prove more beneficial than harmful for human psychology and relationships.

“I think it’s very important to realize that sex robots and companion robots are all instances of social robots that have an effect on people,” says Matthias Scheutz, a computer scientist at Tufts University.