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Gabrielle looks forward to a humbling experience and a hiatus from society in the African wilderness.

Future us will wonder why we resisted VR for so long, how we didn’t see holographic TV coming, and why we resisted 4K with 8K already infiltrating our homes.

But to see how we’ll get there, it’s essential to look back at where we’ve been and how we got here, a world where the entertainment wonderland we call TV is transforming around us – so thoroughly that we’re going to have to learn to call it something else entirely.

I felt like I was on the bleeding edge of technology then, faced with tough first-world decisions like whether to watch , OLED vs. Dolby Vision, and whether to embrace Ultra HD Blu-ray or bank on Netflix and Amazon.

In another decade, we’ll be chuckling at how dated 2016’s state of the art was.